Words are Powerful.

Don’t let them lose their power in translation.

Now more than ever, it’s vital to present your company and your company’s message clearly and concisely, no matter your language, but especially in English — the world’s business language. And that is what we do for German companies. MaryHil Translations is a small, highly specialized boutique translation and editing service working exclusively in the German to US English language pair.

German companies know the importance of getting their message across in English and we are here to make that happen. Poor wording and muddled messages hurt your company’s image. Our specialty is not only ensuring that your message comes across in the English language, but also the meaning behind the message, especially on your website and in your marketing copy.

Through many years working together, we have developed a strong knowledge base for translating and editing communications for companies in a variety of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, cosmetics, medical technology, corporate communications, among other industries. Our expertise in these fields combined with our attention to detail and creative flair ensure that your translations are native quality. The goal of MaryHil Translations is for your words to be just as powerful in English as they are in German.

For more information on our workflow and services, please go to Services.

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